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Professional website design process

1. Kickoff & creative brief

We dive in deep to learn about your B2B organization, brand, mission, and more. You and our B2B web design agency work together to choose what website design services are needed — to build a project overview document and creative blueprint that will guide the website design and web development.

2. Website mock-ups & design

Our world class website designers brings concepts to life in our mockup process. Interactive feedback tool and revision rounds add value and help us manage the design process as a team dedicated to your B2B website development project.

3. Website development

Our expert B2B web designers and web development team builds your approved designs into the industry-leading drag-and-drop system for easy updating and ongoing maintenance. All sites are always fully responsive for all screen sizes and devices.

4. Revisions & launch

Our revision rounds are an opportunity for our website designers to work with B2B clients to key in any changes to the website development link prior to launch. As a B2B website design company, we work until it’s perfect.

5. Hosting, security, & support

We provide ongoing hosting on the world’s leading WordPress managed infrastructure. Our CDN, Backups, SSL, and security scanning ensure your B2B website is always updated, fast, and available for your visitors.

Professional team of web designers for B2B clients

At FreshySites we understand that an end-result is only as good as the web design company working on it. That is why we have sought out the most talented team of WordPress website developers and web designers — and brought them together to build the leading B2B WordPress website design company in the US — offering our B2B web design services.

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B2B clients love us

Don’t just take our word for it. Over the years, we’ve gotten some great positive feedback of our B2B web design services from our happy customers.

Below are just a few.

FreshySites is the best! For the greater balance of seven years, they have been my go-to web doctors: promptly, patiently, and pleasantly addressing all of my needs from SEO to pristine website presentation!  And they do it all with a smile! They take a good product and make it cleaner, brighter, and more visible to the public! Maybe that’s where they get their name. Ben and his team are a well-oiled machine, and an invaluable addition to this community! And the best part is: their results are just a click away!

Brian Nayor
GasLamp Gym

A very smart man once told me “Don’t do things you don’t know how to do!” For years I stumbled around trying to make my own websites on GoDaddy, Yahoo, Wix, Dreamweaver, Muse and who knows how many other platforms. It was a TERRIBLE idea.

FreshySites has been awesome to work with. They gave me a bunch of designs to consider and made the changes I requested. They got a WordPress landing page up in days and have been great about follow up with me when I’ve been slow to get them things I’m supposed to get them.

Mark Volzer
Lucky Dog Marketing

I highly recommend FreshySites for website design. I have worked with them on two projects. Each project had a different design sensibility and price point — FreshySites delivered first-rate websites for both. Because I frequently manage website projects for my business clients, I would “shop around” again if they hadn’t delivered high-quality work, strong behind-the-scenes development, and friendly client service. I got all of that, and more, twice. I look forward to working with them again.

Jennifer Wedel
Travel Graphics International

B2B website design

For a long time, ecommerce businesses have sold their products directly to consumers. However, there is an increase in B2B businesses where companies sell to businesses. The B2B web design is different from the B2C website design. A web development team considers the needs of different industries and different B2B businesses. Our website developer and web designers know just the features and the properties that can make your B2B website design successful. We specialize in WordPress and search engine optimization, so we can handle your web design project.

What makes a good B2B website?

B2B website design needs to be different from a B2C website. Although some of the features will be the same, our website designers will tweak it so that it serves your purpose. Below are some of the features that we recommend and add for our B2B web development clients:

  • Password protected access – As a B2B business, you may not show your prices to the public. As such, our web design company creates protected user areas. For your customers to access products, they need to log in. This is important if you deal with a wide network of dealer and resellers and when you need to keep your competitive price a secret from your competitors.
  • Advanced search – This is one of the most important features for all ecommerce websites. Our website design company experts will install an advanced search tool that allows you to search for products based on color, size, date added, and so many other factors. This makes the website user-friendly and allows customers to get the product they need fast. Our B2B web designer will help you choose the best solution for your business.
  • Information boxes and product layout – Our website designer understands the need to have a simple and navigable website. As such, your B2B web designer chooses the simplest and most engaging layout. The layout should allow you to add detailed product information, including dimensions, specs, pricing, and more.
  • Order tracking systems – Today, most ecommerce websites have order tracking tools. It is a system that shows the buyers the state of their order and stage of shipment. Our web design agency expert installs the online order tracker so that your customers are informed on where their order is.
  • Payment portals and checkout – B2B businesses do not have to collect on the spot, and our website designers understand that. If you need to create flexible payment options, the web developer will help you create the system you need. Through our website design services, you can create an invoicing system, offer payment options, such as debit, credit, and many more choices, and establish the trust between you and your customers. You also need to have a flexible checkout, which you can create using flexible payment methods as our web developer will advise.
  • VAT price toggle – This is another feature that our B2B web designer will add to ensure that your customers have a good experience. The web designers ensure the customer doesn’t have to leave to find a VAT calculator. Talk to our website designer and website developer and let us get you the features you need.
  • Inventory tracking – This is another feature that our business-to-business web development team adds to make your work easier. When the web developer sets the system to give you inventory updates in real time, you will have more time to concentrate on your business.
  • Customer support features – Our website design company believes that customer support is key to the success of every business. Ecommerce websites are especially in need of advanced website customer support features. Our website development team will include live customer support features, FAQ page, and contact page for your customers to reach you fast.
  • Mobile-friendly web design – Most customers today access the internet through mobile devices, and our web design agency for B2B understands that. You need to have a web design that is responsive so that customers from different devices can buy from you. Statistics show that more than 50 percent of people now research and buy products on mobile devices. As such, a mobile-first website development process gets you the results you need.

B2B website development and WordPress

There are so many ecommerce design platforms. As a B2B, you need a platform that is easy to use and has all the features you need to succeed in a B2B business. With WordPress, you have all the features you need to run your business, track sales, add marketing and selling tools, and engage your customers.

The main advantage of using WordPress is that there are several WordPress developers. As such, there are several plugins that our web design services apply to make your ecommerce website functional and attractive. The ecommerce plugin for WordPress is WooCommerce. This plugin turns your WordPress site into a fully functional B2B website.

Our B2B web design agency experts will also recommend several other plugins and tools to help you sell more, track sales, track customers, and market your business. WordPress is also a simple and intuitive platform. Our website design company ensures that your customers find the site attractive and easy to navigate. There are several templates and themes that our web design company experts will explore, which will meet the needs of your business and your industry.

Let FreshySites web design company help you

Unlike a simple blog, a B2B website has so many elements and so many installed tools. Our web designers ensure that you have the elements and tools you need to start selling.

Our website designers will listen to your needs and understand your industry and your business needs. We will also listen to your goals and the traffic you expect for your business now and in the future. With the information we collect, the website designer is able to help you choose the best host and the best features for your B2B website.

When we start creating, we want to make a site that communicates your brand values. The fonts, the logo, the tagline, the title, the domain name, and so many other aspects will help you grow your brand.

Our website design services are all-inclusive, so your business will start running immediately. You can talk to our designers about the web design services process. You will also be able to review the work as we carry out the website design services.

Contact us at FreshySites for business-to-business web design services. We have a website developer ready to help.

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