Sell my web design company

How to sell your web design business the effective way

Building your own web design business is a huge accomplishment. However, life can be a rapidly evolving landscape. When the time comes to sell your web design company, FreshySites is committed to making the process as efficient and painless as possible for you and your clients.

Sell your web design company to

WordPress experts

With over 30% of the web built upon WordPress architecture, the platform is by far the most popular choice for independent websites.

Ease of use

Your client base is likely familiar and comfortable with WordPress.

Hassle-free sale

Our team of WordPress experts makes the process of selling your web design business simple.

Smooth transition

We have the experience to onboard your clients effectively.

Further, the expertise of our team will ensure that the clients you have built relationships with will have a smooth transition and the best possible experience. Whether the websites you’ve developed need modification, evolution, or simple maintenance — our team has the skills needed to keep them running.

Our support staff is in-house

The vast majority of technology and web development companies outsource their support staff through third parties. Although this saves money, it may result in a poor user experience. Website owners simply cannot get the personalized care they deserve by dealing with an outside firm.

At FreshySites, we are committed to providing tailored and personalized care to our clients via our in-house support staff. Regardless of the help that the website owner needs, we are here to provide them with fast, responsive, and personalized assistance.

You have invested a lot of work into building your web design business, and the support you provide to your clients is a big part of that. When the time comes to sell your business, we know it is important that your clients continue to receive the best support available. We are dedicated to making that happen.

We’ve handled

Over 2,200 projects

in ten years

Our experience in handling a wide variety of client needs goes deep. Since our inception over ten years ago, we have dealt with the demands of over 2,000 projects. We’ve seen it all – twice. Thus, whether your web design business specializes in a specific niche or is a more general-purpose enterprise, we are equipped to take over meeting your client’s demands with knowledge and skill.

We’re happy to purchase web design businesses of any size. Whether you only have a few customers or a larger clientele, we are interested in continuing the relationships that you have fostered. We understand that answering the question “Should I sell my web design company?” is not an easy decision.

Sound like a match?

Let’s talk!

At FreshySites, we would love to speak with you about the possibility of purchasing your company.

We believe in fair and transparent dealings, and we will always make sure to treat your clients with the professionalism and expertise that they have come to expect from you. We’re here to help, so contact us to talk today.

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